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Who are we?

We are committed to supporting the educational needs of disadvantaged children and communities around the world. We show our commitment by building schools and providing resources  with the support and help of our partners.
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Aims of our charity

Our charity has many aims.

Amongst them are the improvement of Health or the saving of lives.

To prevent or help relieve poverty within the UK and worldwide, assisting in overseas aid/relief.

We also aim to improve the lives of those we encounter by assisting/providing accommodation/housing, religious activities, Arts/Culture/Heritage/Science, Amateur sporting activities, Economic/Community development/employment, engaging with all aspects of society including disabled and the elderly as well as the young and others at risk.

We do this through various collaborations with other charities or voluntary bodies and other church organisations and the general public and provide human resources/buildings/facilities/open spaces to individuals and organisations as well as providing advocacy, advice, information, sponsorship and the awards of grants.